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Showcase your workplace (Armed Forces)

In the military you often have visitors to your unit. Our commander or commander’s representative will usually bring the visitor(s) to your work center and the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) or Section Chief will greet them, introduce his team and talk about what it is his work center does or has accomplished recently.

These visits are like a prophesied nightmare for most NCOICs and Section Chiefs. They know there will be a visit in the future, but have no idea when or how ugly it will be for them.

Tips for the NCOIC or Section Chief (prepare beforehand)

1 Take time and review what it is your work center does. List out major tasks and anything extremely unique that your shop does (think seasonal and upcoming tasks as well).

2 Select from that list 3 primary go-to discussion points that truly highlight the heart of the work your team performs. Also, note what major effects your team has on the rest of the unit, Group, or wing (base).

3 Once you’ve narrowed down the goods. Put it into a structure that makes sense. First, an introduction of yourself and you staff is necessary (when actually introducing, don’t make it weird). Next, put your three mission topics in an order that flows (one thing leads to the next).

4 Don’t forget to highlight at least one team member’s achievements. For instance, if someone has recently won an award, mention it when you introduce that team member.  If someone has been instrumental in accomplishing one of your work centers major tasks mention the team member while discussing that topic.

5 Finally, add a closing statement that lends completeness and suggests to your visitor that you are done. Example: “That’s a good summary of our mission sir, do you have any questions for myself or my team?”

6 Keep it short, simple, and precise. This briefing should only take a minute or two, but don’t be alarmed if your visitor drags it out by asking questions, just be ready to talk your discussion points (be flexible).  If the talk goes long on account of the visitor, you’re good. If the talk goes long because of you, you’ll need to shorten what you actually say. In this case, ask your team for suggestions and feedback on how you should do this next time. They’ll love that you asked for their input!

7 In many cases,  there will also be other work center NCOICs present to meet and greet the visitor. Be prepared to pass the visitor on to the next work center by introducing them yourself if your commander or his rep doesn’t step right in and do it themselves.

8 If you’re a Moses and speaking isn’t for you, find an Aaron in your section, sit down with him, and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Nevertheless, you need to go through your visitor brief several times yourself to “hear” what it sounds like and make the appropriate adjustments before that day comes.

I have full confidence in you. We don’t put you in that position because you can’t. We put you in that position to see all you can accomplish!





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