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Can you be a little more specific? What am I looking at?

When you want to convey a message do you start randomly spitting out information in different ways and find yourself trying to tie up loose ends as you get further along? Your audience may not understand what they’re looking at.

Before actually engaging your audience with a specific topic. Think through all aspects or  main points and sub points of your message (MP1, SP a,b, MP2, SP a,b,c,d, MP3, a,b, etc.). Then narrow down the listed topics for your specific audience so that you’re only providing the vital information for the overall message to that audience.

Once you have isolated your exact content. Put a considerable amount of energy into the most important part of your speech preparation: finding a common thread that holds it all together and adds value to the message for your audience. This common thread should be relevant and broadcast throughout the speech. Do not hide the common thread. Don’t keep it secret until some premeditated moment that you think will wow your audience, because it won’t. The audience wants to feel connected to your message from beginning to end. The common thread is like the building code of a house. Without the code your audience what your hotel was like will become confused about what you’ve been building right in front of them. (see picture above)

Your common thread is also the brick and mortar of the structure. It should be applied to the Introduction, the transitions, the body, the summaries and closing of the message. It should add value and increase your audience’s attention toward the message.



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