Fear, Military, public speaking, Self help

Traveled a long way to end up here?

It’s hard when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere stranded with no support nor any sign of rescue. There’s a sinking feeling that comes on as you realize that you’re lost and all alone. Physiological effects begin to take place in your body as your nervous system reacts to the shock of being lost. You have a hard time determining whether its hot or cold, whether you’re facing north or south, or if you’re truly here right now or just dreaming. Your mind can shuffle through thousands of scenarios and even your life may flash before your eyes.

WAKE UP! You’re in the middle of your speech and the shock has caused you to freeze up. You’ve been standing here silently for about 30 seconds (an eternity) while your audience questions whether you’re going to recover. Get back to the speech. You’re the only one who can help you and success is in your hands. Just start talking. Don’t be alarmed. You’ve done all the work to be a success. Now find your speech outline, pinpoint where you are, and begin where you left off. 


Don’t panic and make big scene over the fact that you stalled and were lost, just get back on track. Your audience will thank you for it.  

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